Top 8 Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Man Hooked On You

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Yes, getting attracted towards a guy is easy but making him fall in love with you and holding him forever might be difficult. So, if you also want to keep your man hooked, here are 9 tips and tricks for you.

1. Let him miss you in your absence

Of course, you should love your partner but don’t be that good enough. No, we are not asking you to be rude with him but do make yourself presentable in such a way that your absence should make him miss you. Don’t rush to pick his phone calls immediately. Let him miss you and know your value. If he can be busy then you also can be.

2. Stop chasing him

Yes, guys like the chase but remember, it shouldn’t be on regular interval of time. Don’t get irritated or upset more if your partner is making efforts to cheer you up. Don’t let him feel that he is a kind of baggage on you. If you get to know about his female friends, maintain your enviousness as men don’t like clingy women.

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