The 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate — Cacao Ceremony Time!2

The 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate — Cacao Ceremony Time!

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Do you know that chocolate is actually medicine?

How cool is that?

It is one of the most powerful, gentle facilitators, teachers and guides on the planet — and it is delicious too!

The Ancient Mayans and Aztecs used Chocolate for Spiritual and Ceremonial purposes. In its purest form (unlike much of the chocolate available in the mainstream), it is a powerful assistant for ‘inner work’, creative guidance and so much more. Read on to discover how this delicious superfood can help you!

*Chocolate wasn’t popular as a psychoactive in the 60s because it’s not actually psychedelic (although many experience visions and powerful journeys in my ceremonies). It is is gaining a lot of popularity now, because of all the shifts on the planet. We’ve come to a tipping point. As chocolate connects you with your heart, it also connects you with something bigger…. God, the Universe, Spirit, your higher self… whatever you want to call it. That space you enter when you appreciate a phenomenal sunset… before the mind chips in and goes;

‘Oooheee — look, she’s having one of ‘those’ experiences!’

Do you know what I mean? Anyway, I digress, I discovered this magic a few years ago on a trip round the world and it totally changed my life. Below, I share my journey and 13 Spiritual benefits of using chocolate for ceremonial and spiritual purposes.

Most of the chocolate available in the marketplace is full of sugar and additives. The beans are often hybridised, or low quality, so it doesn’t have a powerful effect. The chocolate that I work with facilitates a deeper journey, and intense feelings of BLISS. The next Ceremony in London is on January 8, 2017 — click here to register — I would love to see you there!

Here are some of the benefits of connecting with ‘The Spirit of Cacao’, present in this chocolate.*

The 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate — Cacao Ceremony Time — And Connecting with ‘The Spirit of Cacao’…

1. FUN — The Reason We’re Here!

Chocolate is a gentle, powerful feminine force. It is the force for the new world. In fact ‘power’ is a better word than ‘force’.

By surrendering to the essence and energy of Chocolate, you can step into the higher dimensions. It facilitates a deep Shamanic experience of ‘being in the world but not of it’ or ‘having a foot in both worlds’.

You become the Ascended Master on earth… bringing Heaven TO Earth. It shows you how you can shift your perception so life can be fun.

That is what we are here for, to have fun!

This was the learning I got when I lived in Hawaii and I swam with the wild dolphins almost every day. They kept telling me (telepathically), FUN FUN FUN. However, it took me about 5 years to master the teaching… in fact I’m still getting my head around it.

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