Read These 6 Signs To Know If Someone Likes You

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Signs that that show if someone likes you (Based on the psychology of love)

1. Subconscious closeness: Our subconscious mind thinks in a primitive way. That’s why we may feel scared while watching a horror movie even though we are completely safe. The same goes for love, our subconscious minds think that physical closeness can result in emotional closeness. If someone likes you he will move towards you while talking to you until he becomes very close. If you stepped back he will unconsciously step forward in order to maintain the small distance between you.
2. Automatic rapport establishment: We usually mirror the gestures of those who are close to us without noticing. Try watching the way you act with your close friends and you will notice that most of the time you are unconsciously mirroring each other. This doesn’t happen except with close friends or with people that you really like. If someone mirrors you even though he barley knows you then there is a very big chance that he likes you.

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