Does He Hurts You Again? Here 10 Ways To Forgive You Spouse To Struggle Relationship

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3. Don’t take it personally

Your husband most likely is not trying to hurt your feelings. If you can realize that his actions are unintentional, it will be easier to forgive him.

4. Speak up

If something is bothering you, tell your wife. Do not let it snowball into a bigger problem than it really is. If there has been a misunderstanding, then you are giving her an opportunity to clear it up. If it is a real problem, you are opening the door to fix it. Choose your battles. Don’t bring up every little annoying thing.

5. Don’t keep a list of wrongs or bring up past mistakes

We all have an innate desire to be a better person. Your husband is trying to improve, too. Recognize the progress he is making and do not drag past mistakes into your current problem. You do not want him to feel discouraged and give up. Focus on the issue at hand and address it directly.

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