6 Fundamentals for A Beginner’s Arms Workout2

6 Fundamentals for A Beginner’s Arms Workout

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It’s probably drilled up in your head that building massive arms is not possible without training them every other day and that too with as heavy weights as possible. But surprisingly it’s nothing but a lie. Read along as I take you through profound principles of arms workout that every young bodybuilder should follow –

1) Always Remember — No Overtraining for Arms

The irony is — In spite of being one of the smallest muscle groups in the body, arms are subjected to heavy workload now and then. Almost every one of us had this period when we trained our guns like every other day — all in a hope to grow them fast. And no wonder, many people follow such practice even today.

An average gym goer’s arms workout start with 3–4 exercises, and as soon as he feels the pump, he adds another one and then another one and so on. No doubt that with each progressing set in arms workout, the blood starts to fill in your biceps and triceps, and you see them growing bigger, and then you flex them in the mirror.

However, believe me when I say — MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!

Unlike major body parts like back and thighs which are trained beyond failure by including forced reps, partial reps and rest and pause technique, you cannot train your arms the same way. When you subject a small muscle group like bicep to heavy stress, it puts a lot of negative impact on your CNS and may even lead to injury.

Legendary bodybuilder and 6 X Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates believes — LESS IS MORE for arms. He suggests young bodybuilders to NOT to train their biceps more than twice a week and thereby give them enough time to recover and regrow.

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