5 Unexpected Things I Love About Bodybuilding2

5 Unexpected Things I Love About Bodybuilding

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Ever since maybe 2008, around 8 years old, I’ve been watching what I eat and exercising regularly, to varying degrees. But it wasn’t until late 2017 that I started explicitly bodybuilding. And I love it. Here are 5 Unexpected Things I Love About Bodybuilding.

#1 It’s honest

Between 2008–2017, my focus was on performance and becoming a better athlete: faster and stronger. But damn did I want to look good too.

It’s so refreshing just to admit that now. Man, being honest feels great, particularly when you’re being honest with yourself.

As a kid, I was taught that vanity is a bad thing. That content matters more than presentation. Getting jacked isn’t an appropriate goal. Performing better and being healthy are.

Looking back, I wonder how much of my athletic drive was actually an unacknowledged desire to look good. After all, I did start something called #AllAsianBoysHaveKillerAbs.

I don’t regret anything, because while I wasn’t bodybuilding, I was taking on the challenges of other sports and adding to my life experience. However, I do wonder how much further my physique would be if I started earlier, because…

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