5 Things You Should Never Do To Build A Bigger Chest2

5 Things You Should Never Do To Build A Bigger Chest

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Everyone knows that Monday is the official chest day for almost every gym enthusiast. A countless number of people working out their chest on Monday morning and you see you get no free benches at all. A bodybuilder’s love for his pecs is just incomparable.

So, why despite so much of labour on chest only a few get to see those incredible Terminator gains?

Well to get Superman size chest, you don’t require lifting giant weights; instead you need to follow a dynamic and detailed approach. All the mistakes you need to eliminate to build a muscular chest, right here –

Mistake 1: Your Chest Workout Is Just About Bench Presses & Nothing Else

Bench Presses, whether Barbell or Dumbbell, are undoubtedly one of the best exercises to build a massive size chest. It is in fact among the top ten golden exercises of all time.

However, relying solely on bench presses and skipping the other main chest building exercises like pullovers, flyes and dips will only do harm in the long run. Depending too much upon bench presses may result into shoulder injuries.

So, the purpose of incorporating different moves in a chest workout is to target the chest from various angles so that you get to see overall development of the muscles.

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