5 Plus 5 Ways How To Forgive Your Husband Due To Save Your Relationship

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How the reason that some men may not meet our needs is because we’re not really considering theirs, either. And I encouraged you to take a six week trial period where you honestly did these things:

1. Thank your husband once a day for something (try to make it something different each time)
2. Compliment your husband to your mother, your children, your friends, whatever, within earshot of your husband, every chance you get.
3. Do not nag.
4. Do not give the silent treatment.
5. Make love with relative frequency (say at least 2-3 times a week).

I hope some of you took me up on it!

Today I want to address one of the roadblocks to meeting his needs: lack of forgiveness. It’s hard to act out in love and to be nice to someone you’re ultimately angry at. So what do you do when he’s hurt you?

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