5 Natural Ways to Alleviate Anxiety2

5 Natural Ways to Alleviate Anxiety

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When anxiety strikes, it can throw everything in your life out of whack. Sleep, productivity, energy levels, diet, and routines suffer. These natural self-care techniques can help you achieve a balanced state, especially when you need time to address the deeper, underlying issues creating stress and anxiety in your life. These techniques are also a great way to improve your health, energy, and well-being.

Nourish Yourself

Anxiety often invites overindulgence in an attempt to calm your nerves. The very act of overindulging can increase anxiety if you ingest stimulants, not to mention any guilt or judgment you might have about it. Eliminate or reduce your sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake. You can be proactive by eating protein every 2–3 hours to regulate blood sugar, maintain your energy levels, and prevent cravings. This can be as simple as having a hand full of nuts or a protein shake.

When you experience sugar cravings, support your process by choosing wisely and deliberately with organic fruit, a smoothie, or organic dark chocolate. Strive for balance, not perfection. There is nothing wrong with intelligent, pleasurable indulgences especially when you need a little comfort! If you decide to be decadent, make it a conscious choice, stay present, and revel in the pleasure of every single bite.

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