10 Simple Things Men Want From the Women They Love2

10 Simple Things Men Want From the Women They Love

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Yet, we’re almost simplistic in our desires — so simple, in fact, that few women don’t notice the fine line between our usual stoic persona and a deep funk brought on by a lack of reciprocated interest.

Here are ten examples that you may find are close to your own emotional needs.

1. A moratorium on drama.

We give you the occasional free pass to freak out about something that seems rather trivial upon next-day, post-caffeine retrospect. This doesn’t mean a free pass to cause a scene in front of our friends or family, though.

2. Sexy sx.

It’s not enough to keep our sex lives consistent; both partners have to keep it consistently sexy. If you’re not into it, we can pretend not to notice for a few times, but after that it’ll eat away at us and we won’t have the guts to ask you what’s wrong … yet.

The best thing you can do isn’t porn star-inspired or the over-the-top-“yes, yes, yes”-ing; we’ll detect that fakery, too. The trick is that, however you do it, you let us know that you really like doing it to us.

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