10 Great Ways To Love Yourself Easily Before Loving Someone Else

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2. Pay yourself an amazing compliment, & make it meaningful. It’s okay if it takes you a little time to come up with the perfect thing. Maybe you could choose to compliment yourself about something you’re having trouble with recently…

When you come up with your compliment, take a deep breath. Say it out loud, while you look at yourself in the mirror.
Doesn’t that feel amazing? You can say it to yourself over & over, all day if you want to. Say it until it feels real & true. Keep saying it. Keep writing it down. Read it & re-read it. Then, once you’re high off your own love, call your crush & compliment them, too. Write your best friend a postcard with a list of her top 10 best attributes. Send out 5 loving notes on Facebook, leave a sweet comment on someone’s website, & call a distant family member to let them know you appreciate them.

3. Read some poetry. I went to the secondhand bookshop yesterday on my way home, & picked up a stack of wonderful old books for about $3 each. Such a bargain!

I stocked up on some of my old favourites like Hunter S. Thompson, ee cummings & Charles Bukowski, as well as a book of poetry by Kenneth Rexroth. Books in tow, I went to see my fiance in the garage where he was fiddling with his motorcycle, & I stood there, just reading, utterly unaware of anything else. There could have been a circus passing through & I wouldn’t have even noticed!

Poetry can transform your world. It encourages you to see life differently. It makes things more sweet & beautiful, real & crisp all at the same time. Spending some time with a poetry book is so good for you, & poetry doesn’t have to be complicated.

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