10 Great Ways To Love Yourself Easily Before Loving Someone Else

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Love yourself more,” we’re told. But what does that mean? What, exactly, does that look like? Does it mean spending the day in bed, or going out & getting some exercise? Does it mean eating a bowl of chocolate ice-cream, or eating a salad instead?

Well, it can be all of these things. The root of radical self love is in listening to your intuition, & learning to hear what your body is telling you it needs. Sometimes, though, that can be tricky… So I’ve compiled 10 easy (REALLY easy!) things that you can do right now!

1. Spend some time alone this coming week. I implore you to do this, even if you have to cancel a social outing in order to make it happen. Learning to get comfortable with who we are is one of the must crucial parts of radical self love!

Close your laptop, take off your headphones, & turn off your phone. Just hang out with yourself. Go for a walk. Meditate. Go out & get more familiar with your city! Go & do something you really want to do: maybe go to an art show, or see a movie no one else wants to see! Eat lunch at the raw vegan place all your friends think is weird. Go to a festival & smile at strangers.

At first, spending this time by yourself can feel uncomfortable & awkward. You might think that people are looking at you, judging you, & saying to one another, “Look at that loser all by herself!” The opposite is true. Most people who see you are actually wishing they had the guts — & the personal freedom! — to do exactly what you’re doing!

The feeling of discomfort will go away. Even better, as you do this more often, you will realise how essential this time is for building up your own sense of self, & you will grow to love & relish it!

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